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Mount Vernon Park was purchased for the people of Canterbury in 1985 after a successful campaign to raise funds. Strong support was received from the individuals, businesses, schools and local authorities. The aim of buying the park was to preserve the open tussock backdrop to Christchurch and prevent housing creeping up the slopes on this part of the Port Hills. 


The 235 hectare park climbs from the city’s urban edge to the Summit Road and beyond to a high point of 462 metres over looking the eroded volcanic landscape of Lyttelton Harbour. It is bounded on the east by the popular Rapaki Track and on the west by Huntsbury Spur. 


Mount Vernon Park is owned and administered by the Port Hills Park Trust Board to conserve and enhance the natural environment and provide opportunity for public recreation. The board is made up of three trustees appointed from the community and one each appointed by the local Member of Parliament, Lincoln University, the Mayor of Christchurch and the Christchurch Civic Trust.


Day to day management of the park is delegated to the Mount Vernon Management Committee.The board and management committee meet jointly about every six weeks.

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